drink manners

drink manners

Let me serve.

Let me freshen your drink.

Do not make any noise when you eat.

May I have another fork?

I'm glad you like it.

We hope you have a good appetite.

When you fill the guest's glasses, the glasses should be put on the, table, and the bottle will not encounter cup mouth.

A: May I service you soup now?

B: Yes, please do.

A: Shall I open the wine now, sir?

B: Certainly. Do please.

A: Now, Can I serve it?

B: Yes. But little first.

A: OK. Sir.

(A waiter is pouring wine for a guest)

Guest: I think I'd like to try a Chinese one instead this time. What are they like?

Waiter: All the Chinese wines on the list are dry, sir. Would you like a red one or a white one?

Guest: A white one would do.

Waited recommend Changcheng Dry Wine.

Guest: Fine, I'll have a bottle of that, then.

Waiter: Your Changcheng Dry Wine. May I serve it now?

Guest: OK. Go ahead, please.

Waiter: How is it, sir?

Guest: Not bad. It has a very nice smell.