Computer Room

Computer Room

Background Information:In the computer room of one overseas university,a student fromChinawants to surf on internet. He asks a computer technician for help.

Sandy (female) :student;Ted (male) :technician

Sandy:Excuse me. Would you give me a hand?

Ted:Ok,what can I do for you?

Sandy Pd like to search some information on the internet,but I have no idea about how to use the computer.

Ted:Don’t worry about it. It's easy for you to master some knowledge about computer. I will give details to you.

Sandy:Thanks a lot for your help.

Ted: You’re welcome.

example 2

Background Information :A student meets some problems in computer room;a teacher helps him in time.

Adam (male):student,Charles (male): teacher

Adam:Excuse me. I think I have a study problem and may need your help.

Charles:Oh,what’s that?

Adam:I missed one of the history lectures last week, so I wondered if I could make it up on the internet. But I don’t know how to use the school system.

Charles: I will show you. First you can visit our school? s website.

Then you find the blackboard academic suite.

Adam:Yes,I know it,and I just donyt know exactly how to use the blackboard academic suite..

Charles:That’s easy. You musi have a username and password to come into the system.

Adam:I see.

Charles:And then you enter the login information in the blanks.

Only a small dick of the login button will allow you to see what you want to know.

Adam:That’s sounds easy. Let me have a try.

Charles:Ok, you can try it right now.

Adam:Ok,I find it. Thank you. You really helped me a lot.

example 3

Xiao ming :Online can learn anything,is it realy  true?

Jack:That's right. The popularity of Yahoo and Google are good evidence for that.

Xiao Ming:Also people inAmericaare asking for help to protect them from web attacks.

Jack:Yes,some Internet vandalism has even aroused attention from some departments of the government.

Xiao Ming:Do you know what web attacks are?

Jack:That means that so much traffic floods a web site that legitimate customers cannot get trough.

Xiao Ming:Oh,I've got it. So what do the hackers want? Just to disrupt internet users?

Jack:yes, for most hackers, but some of them want to get information in an illegal way.

Xiao Ming:That sounds terrible. What measures can we take to protect those being hacked?

Jack:We can immediately identify and patch the holes and vulnerabilities in the various systems.

Xiao Ming:But that goes without saying.

Jack:Absolutely. The attacked websites have to use a comprehensive security system that includes a firewall  hardened operating systems,and security assessment and intrusion detection technologies.

Xiao Ming:to completely prevent cyber attacks sounds like walking on water.

Jack: But it is also imperative to improve Web security in China.

Xiao Ming:It is true. I think it’s better for China to fight this .