American High School introduce

American High School introduce

U.S. existing high school of more than 3,000, divided into a public high school, private high school.

Private high school is divided into: a private commuting high school and private boarding high school (also known as a private boarding high school).

U.S. private boarding high school there the following categories:

Military Schools

Schools to follow military training education system at the school are required to wear uniforms and the implementation of military training exercises, mostly for the boys' school

All Boarding Schools

Only more than 20 such schools, all students must live on campus are

Boarding-Day Schools

Students can choose to live on campus or commute class. In other words, some students live on campus, there are people living in the vicinity of the non-resident students.

Can be broken down as follows:

5-Day Boarding Schools

Students' choose to live on campus or commute, you can choose to go home on weekends, Sunday to Thursday live on campus

5-Day Boarding Schools

The students' choose to live on campus or commute semester within seven days live on campus

Coeducational Schools

School enrolling boys and girls

Boys Schools

Only charge the boys

Girls Schools

Only accept girls

Pre-Professional Arts Schools

Specialized training in music, performance and art

Religiously-affiliated schools