Four tips for SSAT

Four tips for SSAT

SSAT exam attention is not high, but there are still many students choose this exam. The SSAT Exam Notes are more the focus of attention, in particular, for each part of the exam is the focus of everyone's attention. In order to meet everyone's needs, the following to find out more about the SSAT Exam Notes.

1. Mathematics

Chinese candidates in general in this part of the mathematics performance very well, but it is to take into account this factor, the school admission often Chinese students in this part of the mathematical expectation will be higher, so we prepare exam can not because they think they have an advantage while ignoring the math part of the preparation.

2. Verbal {Synonyms, Analogies}

SSAT exam officials Aimee reminded the candidates prepare for the exam, do not limit concerns on expanding vocabulary, but accumulated a lot of reading to vocabulary your reading ability will be greatly improved, and at the same time in the process.

3. Reading

The school will be a very high value of the applicant's scores in reading. As mentioned above the vocabulary, the school would like to see the students have great reading comprehension, not just the so-called "big vocabulary. Aimee's advice is: as much as possible to read some English books, magazines and newspapers, and so on.

4. Writing

The SSAT exam officials Aimee remind everyone that this part is not included in the final test scores, but it is very important. Compare because the Essay Writing Sample application submitted to the school will be candidates in the SSAT exam writing two articles quality difference too disparity in school will be suspicious. In order to avoid letting themselves in such a passive position, Aimee remind you that we must take seriously the content of this part, and to write, write.

About a problem that many candidates will tangle: fear of their own understanding of the topic significance deviation, "beside the point", Aimee tell you, in fact, they valued Grammar and Spelling Candidates article candidates to ensure their own in both good understanding on the significance of the subject is a matter of opinion, as long as the candidates have their own understanding and then it is reasonable to express on it, do not worry about understanding deviation.