2013 how to apply american high school

2013 how to apply american high school

2013 high school students studying in the United States need to know the time of application of the American high school, to study in American high schools need to prepare application materials, as well as the needs of the American high school study abroad to participate in the exam. A brief introduction on this article, you want to apply for the 2013 study in the United States high school students need to read.

to study in American high schools need to participate in the standardized tests TOEFL Junior exam TOEFL Junior, junior high TOEFL. Is ETS Educational Testing Service designed for the world in the 11-15 year-old pupils to develop the authoritative English proficiency test. The exam has been commenced in the United States, Japan, South Korea, more than 30 countries. June 30, 2012, SLEP exam will officially TOEFL Junior exam replaced.

SSAT exam, the full name of the Secondary School Admission Test, the Chinese name for the U.S. high school entrance exam, applies to the United States, the enrollment of private secondary schools in Canada, the applicant must have a test scores. Measure students' math, language, and reading comprehension skills, logical thinking and the development potential of the candidate's. Admission Test Board proposition. For students of different ages, SSAT exam is divided into senior (upper level) and lower (lower level), the former for 8-11 grade students currently enrolled, the latter for 5-7 grade students currently enrolled. U.S. high school study abroad application materials.

? school application form;

(2) pay school application fee;

(3) the transcript within the past three years;

(4) standardized tests transcripts;

? teacher letters of recommendation;

? any other beneficial application file, as enthusiastic about community service, support charitable acts certificate to prove.

American high school study abroad application process

? understanding of the American education system, determine studying direction to develop the study plan;

? learn to apply for study in the United States What are the entry requirements, prepare application documents upon request;

? review and enroll in standardized tests;

? clear study goals, and at least 3 so on target schools is determined according to individual circumstances;

? and communicate with the school and ask for school introduction and application materials;

? fill school application data; ? to prepare domestic transcripts as well as teacher recommendation letters;

? materials sent to schools and follow up to see whether the school received, and whether it needs to supplement the material;

? interview or telephone interview appointment with the school;

? school admission; According to the school's admission conditions

? (scholarships, tuition, ESL, etc.), several taking institutions to determine a school;

? signed the school's enrollment contract, pay school positioning fees;

? prepare visa;

? physical examination;

? booking tickets;

? arrange the pick-up.

Above details the application process, you want to study in U.S. high school high school students can refer to a 2013 study in the American high school entrance exams, application materials ready, and the United States high school studying.