Visiting a Travel Agent

Visiting a Travel Agent

A: Hello, Is this ABC Visiting a Travel Agent ?
A: Can you do me a favor? i want to a vacation plans, can you give me some advise?
B: Where do you want to traveling, did you have any plan?
A: For me i would like to visit China, but my wife want to going singapore.
B: Oh, i see, i seguest you visitd to china first, then fly to singapore, just 3 hours.what do you thing? how much time do you have?
A: Oh, Yes. good idea.Ii will go to beijing first. we have 2 weeks for travel.
B: I can give you some brochures that could give you some ideas.
A: I will look at them right now.
B: How much money is in your budget for this trip?
A: I think that I can spend about three hundred RMB per day in china.
B: Take your time choosing a destination and, when you’ve narrowed it down, I’ll be happy to help you make a reservation.
B:You are welcome.