travel to shenzhen

travel to shenzhen

A:where will you visit this weeken?

B:well, i want to go to Shenzhen city, near by Hong Kong.

A:Oh, that's a great place for holidays, i will follow you.

B:Really, that's great. ok let's buy ticket fly to there.

A:OK. did you know where is the most beatiful pot in Shenzhen ?

B:I heard a little infomation about Shenzhen, such as the window of world, in there you can see each famous building of world.

A:Oh really, sounds great. i will go to there next day.

B:Good idea. i also heard Wu tong moutain, is the highest moutain in Shenzhen. on the top of Wu tong moutain you can see Hong Kong,Yantian port.

A:So cool.

B:Yes.did you have friends in Shenzhen ?

A:No, but i have a classmate in there, he study in Shenzhen university. he living in Shenzhen for many years. he learn Chinese language.

B:That's interesting story. i love China too.

A:we just have two hour distance to Shenzhen, now we fly on the top of Taiwan.

B:Yes.i hope we have enjoy trip.