Travel in Shanghai

Travel in Shanghai

A: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today's a sunny day. Where would you like to go today? B: Good morning, Mr Wang. We'd like to put ourselves completely in your hands. Just lead the way.

A: I suppose we'd better go to the famous Yu Garden which is located in the southern part of the old city of Shanghai. The car is waiting at the front door of our hotel. Let's set off right now. (After a while, they reach the destination.)

A: Here we are. The garden is called the reconstructed and restored during the past hundred years.

B: In that case it's quite ancient indeed. In B the meantime, I guess ifs a hard job to do the restorcrtion.

A: Yes, it was. Although the garden has an area of only several hectares. Visitors are stuck by its ingenious architecture and exotic layout There are more than 30 places of distinctive and fascinating scenes like ponds; chambers, pavilions and artificial rockeries. Here rare and precious cultural relics are kept.

B: Oh, we're deeply attracted to its interest.

B:I like history.

A: Look, please. That is the Overlooking Hall.

A: Look, please. That is the Overlooking Hall. It has three stories. Shall we go to the top floor of the hall to get a bird's-eye view?

B: Oh, that sounds interesting.

A: In the past, from the top floor of the hall, we could see the Huangpu River, but not now, because of the geological transformation in the course of history. That is the Yu Garden Bazaar and in the midst of it there is d popular tea room near the Nine Zigzag Bridge. If you are desiring a cup of the distinguished Chinese green tea, well be going there later on.

B: That sounds tempting. We feel a bit thirsty

A: Let's go and see some other places.

B: All right, lefs walk ahead. Whats that?

A: Let me see. Ah,it's the Dragon Wall. The dragon's head is beautifully made and is standing proudly over there.

C: Hello, Bob. Can you please take a photo for me here!

B: OK. Ready! Cheese. You are very photo E genic.

A: Here is a special rock , named Yu Ling Long. A It has four particularities as far as we know: plenty of holes, absorptive capacity, genuine quality, ond peculior construction.

B: Oh, how marvelous! We've never seen such B a wonderful rock before.

A: Why did you choose a site with a stream nearby?

B: I like swimming, you know. In the afternoon, 1 like to plunge into the stream to cool off. Where would you like to go for your summer vacation this year?

A: I'll go to the seaside, as I did last year. As for me, a vacation is no vacation without the sea.

B: How so?

A: It seems to me I can never get tired of the sea. It is beautiful no matter what type of weather, or what time of a day.

B: Did you go swimming in the sea while you were there?