packing up thing

packing up things

George: hello, darling, are you all set? We have to go now.

Helen: not yet, George. I'm still packing up things.

George: darling, why are you taking such a big suitcase? It's only a ten day trip. Tell me what you put in here?

Helen: our clothes, of course. I was told that it might be cold on the top of the mountain. So I take our light jackets with us.

George: Why are you taking towels and slippers? There are plenty in the hotel.

Helen: I prefer to use my own.

George: why are you taking so many medicines?

Helen: well, you never know what will happen. Remember you had a diarrhea last time we went to Ling nan ying xiang yuan. Thank god I brought Imodium with me. So I have a little bit of these and a little bit of that just in case.

George: but darling why are you taking a mini fan with you?

Helen: It's very hot there. At least I can have some air wherever I go.

George: anyway, we got to go or we will be late.

Helen: wait a minute. I forgot the sun lotion. We definitely need it.

George: darling, I am begging you. We got to go now. We can always buy things in the local areas, right?

Helen: George, where is the camera? We can't go without a camera.

George: It's right on top of the drawer. Let me help you pack up. We really got to go.

Helen: Ok. Off we go. George!

George: what is it?

Helen: Where are our IDs (identification cards)?

George: oh my God!