the Ming Tombs

the Ming Tombs

A:Could you say something in brief about the Ming Tombs?

B:Dated nearly 600 years ago, the well-known Ming Tombs are in fact 13 tombs of emperors of the Ming Dynasty, to the north of Changping District and 50 km

B:Yes, they will.Now we are in front of Dingling which is the most famous tomb in the Ming Tombs. Here is a sketch map, from which you can get a view of the area of the 13 tombs.

B:Oh, it's a beautiful view. Are they all opened except this one?

A:No, because tho excavation work is quite difficult tell you more while I show you round. Thank you. equaling two years land taxes for the whole country. During the busy construction period, according to historical chronicles, over 30, 000 men took part in the work everyday.

B:It seems a terrible waste,

A:These rooms are exhibition rooms and some of the emperor's things are displayed here, such as crowns, jade objects, silverware and jewelry,

B:Are they the things used by the emperors?

A:Yes,most of them are You see, the shape and style of the dressing articles can still be seen, though they have decayed.

B:The tower looks beautiful and solemn.

A:This is called the Soul Tower made of stones and bricks in front of the tomb mound.