Ladies salon ,Beauty Salon

Ladies salon ,Beauty Salon

Hairdresser: Welcome to our salon, madam, what can i do for you.

Guest: yes,I want to a shampoo and set.

Hairdresser: ok, madam. please read this beauty book ansd tell me Which style you like?

Guest: I'd like to try a new hair-style.Could you show me more pictures about this hair styles?

Hairdresser: Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style, hair done in a bun.Please have a look at them, madam.

Guest: Thank you for your kindly service. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer.I would like hair spray, please.

Hairdresser: ok, madam,please wait a second.

Guest: Oh, your hair dryer is too cold.Would you adjust it, please?

Hairdresser: I am so Sorry, madam. I'll adjust it right now.

Hairdresser: How do you feel now?

Guest: That's ok, thank you.

Hairdresser: Please have a look.

Guest: Beautifully done.Please trim my eyebrows and darken them.

Hairdresser: All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?

Guest: Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please.

Hairdresser:Ok,i will do that in a short time. now everything is ok.

Guest:well done. thanks for your great service.