A Group Reservation

A Group Reservation

Scene:China Hotel Hall telephone rings. The Reservations (R) answers the phone.

R: China Hotel Reservations. What can i do for you?

Client(C): Yes. This is American Flow Chinese Education LLC, We will be visiting Beijing at the end of this month. I'd like to book 20 double rooms and 10 single rooms with twin beds for ten days.

R: For which dates?

C: For May 20, 21, … and 30.

R: Please wait a moment , sir.

(The reservations check the list.)

Yes, we can confirm 20 double room and 10 single rooms for ten days.

C: Thank you. Can you give me some discount for a group reservation?

R: Yes, there is a 15 per cent discount.

C: That's fine.

R: By the way, how will they be getting to Beijing? Will they be coming by air?

C: Yes.

R: Can you tell me the flight number, please, in case the plane's late?

C: Oh, sorry. I don't know the flight number, but I'll let you know by phone tomorrow.

R: Thank you, sir. And how to you pay ? Credit card or cash ?

C:I will pay by transfer . Also i can pay by Paypal.Oh, yes. According to the program, they'll have a meeting on the 25th. Have you got a big conference hall?

R: Yes, sir, we have a very nice multi-function hall,can seat 500 people. but you'll have to speak to the manager about that. Please hold on a moment and I'll see if I can put you through.

C:Thank you very much.

R:You are welcome.