baggage claim

baggage claim

Mark: Excuse me, madam. Do you know where baggage claim is?

Kelly: It's over there. Go straight on until you get to the immigration and then turn right, and you will see a store, walk across from the store and you will find the baggage claim.

Mark: By the way, what time does the first bus to Boston leave?

Kelly: It usually leaves at 6:30 every morning and it usually runs every 15 minutes.

Mark: Is it a direct bus to Boston?

Kelly: Yes.

Mark: What platform does the bus leave from?

Kelly: The bus leaves from No 2 platform. You may have a further consultation after you get your baggage. I hope you have a good trip.

Mark: Thank you so much. See you.

Kelly: See you.

American Culture

In the U.S.,regardless of who that other people will help, they will say "thank you",even if the President of the deal is not an exception. In the mall, shop assistant9 s face is always piled with smiles when customers enter they will initiatively come forward and ask "Can I help you?" When customers pay,they will smile with thanks. Similarly, the customer who received merchandise will give repeated thanks.

Americans are kind and polite to their family members not only between husband and wife that, but also between parents and children,they often speak with "please" and "thank you",so that children will naturally develop a good habit of politeness.