at store

at store

I'm just looking.

Will this material wear well?

How do you like this pattern?

This material is nice. What is it?

Is this the only color of this style?

A: I'm looking for a handbag.

B: Look at this one. Do you like it?

A: It's too large.

B: What about the one next to it?

A: It's good. I'll take the brown one.

B: No problem. Here you are.

(A customer wants to buy some scarves.)

Clerk: Welcome to our department store, madam.

Customer: Thank you. I'd like to have a look at some scarves.

Clerk: Please come here. There are so many colors for your chioce.

Customer: They are very pretty.

Clerk: So they are. Do you like the red one?

Customer: Is the color fast?

Clerk: Of course not.

Customer: Let me see. Well, I think I like it. How much?

Clerk: 399 yuan.

Customer: OK. I'll take it.

Clerk: Anything else?

Customer: I want to select one for my daughter, too.

Clerk: The pink one is good. 

Customer: Right. I'll have it, too. How much would that?

Clerk: It costs you only 798 yuan.