Topic: Pets and Farm Animals

Look at these pictures:

Animals: Domestic
(Click on pictures to hear pronunciation.)

Where do you usually see these kinds of animals?

Which of these animals are common in your home country?

Which one(s) do you like most or least?

Why do people keep animals as pets?

Which are better pets: cats or dogs?

Did you have a pet when you were a child?



Talking about the Past

1. Tell your partner about a favorite pet.

When did you get the pet?

How old were you at the time?

Were your parents/family happy with the pet?

How did you take care of the animal?

Do you still have the pet?

2. Ask your partner about his/her favorite animal.

Role Play

3. Ask your partner to help you choose a pet for your son/daughter.

4. Pretend it is your partner's birthday.

Present him/her with a puppy as a gift.

5. Your dog/cat damaged your partner's furniture.

What do you say to your partner?