Topic: Personal Items

Look at these pictures:

Personal Items
(Click on pictures to hear pronunciation.)

How many of these items do you use every day?

Which ones do you use more than once a day?

How important is it to used these items regularly?

What will happen if you don't use them?

Where do you usually buy items like these?


Phrases for Conversation: Simple Shopping
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Role play the following situations:

Situation One
Pretend you are at a store and want to buy one or more of the items listed above.

Ask the clerk to help you find the item(s).
Ask a question about the specific item you want to buy.
Ask about the price.
Buy or refuse to buy the item.

Switch roles.

Situation Two
Pretend your son/daughter is going on a week-long trip.

Remind your son/daughter what to put in his/her suitcase.
Tell him/her how and when to use each item.
Double-check to see that he/she has packed everything.

Switch roles.