Topic: Hobbies

Look at these words:

(Click on audio to hear pronunciation.)

Do you do any of these activities?

Which one(s) is/are the most interesting to you?

What kinds of hobbies do your friends have?

How much time every week do you spend on your hobby(-ies)?

What are the benefits of doing something you enjoy every day?

Which new hobby would you like to learn? Why?


Talking about Daily Activities

1. Tell your partner about a hobby or something you like to do every day.

When and where do you do the activity?

Why did you choose this particulary hobby/activity?

What makes the activity fun for you?

Are other people interested in what you do?

How do you share your hobby with other people?

2. Ask your partner to tell you about his/her hobby or hobbies.

Role Play

3. Ask your partner to help you with your hobby in some way.

4. Describe to a partner the steps involved in doing your hobby.

5. Tell someone else how to get started with a new hobby.