Topic: Clothing

Look at these pictures:

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Describe the clothing you are now wearing. (Use present continuous tense.)
Talk about types of clothing, colors, patterns, etc. (Use present tense.)

What types of clothing do you wear in the winter? In the summer? (Use present tense).

How is your clothing different from traditional clothing in your home country?

Where do you usually shop for clothes? Why do you buy your clothes there?

How do you decide which items of clothing you will buy?

What types of clothes go well together? Which do not?

Describe how to take good care of your clothing.

For More Practice

Here are some phrases to use when talking about clothing:

Describing People
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Describe what your partner is wearing now.

Ask your partner to help you choose your clothing for a special event.

Pretend you are shopping for clothing.
Role play the situation with your partner (a store clerk).