Topic: Body and Health

Look at these pictures:

Body and Health
(Click on pictures to hear pronunciation.)

Say the English word for different body parts as you point to them on a picture or on your own body.

Tell why particular body parts are important.

Tell how to take care of your teeth, hands, hair, etc.

Tell about an accident or a time when you hurt yourself.

Describe what happened to specific body parts.

For example, "Last year, I broke my leg..."


Situations: Talking about Feelings/Health

Look at a picture of someone. Describe the person in the picture and have your partner draw that person.

Talk to a partner about how you feel today.

Pretend your partner is a doctor. Imagine you have an illness.

Describe your condition to the doctor.

Take turns asking each other to touch or move different body parts.

(e.g. touch your right arm; move your eyes, etc.)

For More Practice:

textbook: New Interchange Intro,Chapter 12