Three Keys to Meeting Single Women

Title : Three Keys to Meeting Single Women

Author : David Wygant

Date : August 8, 2008

Pre-Reading questions

  • Have you ever had trouble finding a date?
  • What makes dating so difficult?
  • Would you appreciate some help in meeting women?

    Well men, here is some advice for you from a dating expert.

Excerpt from the article:

Most men think there's a magic word they can say to get a woman to talk to them.

While there is no such "magic word," there are three keys to communicating with awoman that work every single time.

This is not earth-shattering stuff. What I'm about to suggest to you is a simple approach that has worked every single time I or one of my students have used it.

Here are the three simple steps to communicating with a woman:

After you Read :

Summarize : What are the "three steps" Mr. Wygant mentions?

  • Do you agree with them?
  • Do you think they will make you successful in meeting women to date?
  • Have you tried any of these three steps before? Did they work for you?
  • Would you consider trying these approaches in the future?

    If you are a woman, would you like men to use these tactics when courting you?

  • What other methods have worked for you in the past?

Conversation Task :

Talk with your partner about the dating customs in your country.

  • How do young people usually meet potential dates or marriage parnters?
  • Do you think there are better ways of meeting people?
  • How would you like to meet your future husband or wife?