Telephone Talk

Here are some sample phrases and expressions for talking on the telephone.
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In the sample conversations below, R is the "Receiver" and C is the "Caller."

Conversation 1


R: Hello.

C: Hello. Is Steve there?

R: I'm sorry. He's not here right now.

C: What time will he be back?

R: Around five thirty.

C: This afternoon?

R: Yes. May I ask who's calling?

C: This is his friend, Greg.

R: Okay. I'll tell him you called.

C: Thanks.

Conversation 2


R: Tyler residence.

C: Is this Naomi?

R: No, this is her sister, Nancy.

C: You sure sound like Naomi.

R: Oh. Can I take a message?

C: Sure. Please tell her that Andy called.

R: Okay. I'll give her the message.

C: Thanks.

R: Bye.

Textbook : New Interchange 1,Chapter 15, English Knowhow, Book 1, Chapter 14

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