Situations: Talking About Abilities

Speaking Situations: Talking about Abilities

Vocabulary for these situations

Conversation Practice

1. Ask your partner or classmates about their talents and abilities.

For example,

Can you play a musical instrument?*

Yes, I play the trumpet.

How well do you play?


Do you ski?*

No, I don't.

How about other winter sports?

I love to play ice hockey.

*The difference between can and do here is very slight.

"Can" focuses on ability, whereas "do" indicates regular activity.

2. Tell your classmates about your best friend's talents or interests.

For example,

My best friend is an artist. He's really good at painting.

In fact, one of his drawings won a blue ribbon at the county fair.

He also knows how to do sculpture and ceramics.

Textbook: New Interchange 1, Chapter 6