Speaking Situations: Requesting

Speaking Situations: Requesting

Can you

Could you

Will you

Would you

Would you mind V+ing

Conversation practice

Requesting is very similar to asking for favors.
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In most cases, when you ask someone to do something for you,
it is important to use an introductory phrase to soften the request.

For example,

Lend me your umbrella! (too abrupt; sounds rude)

Excuse me, could you lend me your umbrella? (more polite)

Help me fix my car. (sounds too demanding)

Sorry to bother you. I'm having trouble with my car.

Would you mind helping me for a minute? (better)

Role play the following situations with a partner.

Include details and give a variety of responses.

1. Ask your partner to repeat something.

2. Ask your partner to help you with your homework.

3. Ask your partner to "give you a lift" to school.

4. Ask your partner to donate money to charity.

5. Ask your partner to baby sit your children.

6. Ask your partner to clean up the mess.

7. Ask your partner to take notes for you in class.

Textbook Recommendation: Touchy Situations, Chapter 7