Speaking Situations: Inviting

Speaking Situations : Inviting

Do you want to / wanna (very informal)

Would you like to

Will you . . . (with me)

How about V+ing

How would you like to

I was wondering if you would (like to)

I would like to invite you to (more formal)

Conversation practice

When inviting someone to do something with you,

it is polite to "break the ice" before extending the invitation.

For example,

Will you go dancing with me on Friday? (too abrupt by itself)

(Give the other person time to "prepare" for your invitation.)

Do you have time on Friday?

Yes, I do. Why do you ask?

There's a dance at the Grand Ballroom.

Would you like to go with me?

Sure! I'd love to.

Role play the following situations with a partner.

Include details and give a variety of responses.

1. Invite your partner to go fishing this weekend.

2. Invite your partner to your home for dinner.

3. Invite your partner to see the circus.

4. Invite your partner to attend your violin concert.

5. Invite your partner to attend a political rally.

6. Invite your partner to your child's performance.

7. Invite your partner to your son's graduation party.

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