Speaking Situations: Introducing Self

Speaking Situations: Introducing Yourself

Conversation Practice

1. Practice introducing yourself to your teacher and classmates in English.

Use first names for informal situations and full names (first and last) for formal situations.

2. Listen to others introduce themselves. Say "Nice to meet you" and repeat their names.

Smile (and shake hands if appropriate).


1. It is not common to use titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) when referring to yourself.

However, it is polite to use titles with others in formal situations, unless they give you permission to do otherwise.


I'm Mr. Tom Chen. (Title is not necessary here.)
I'm Tom. (Better)
I'm Dr. Ste. (Okay, if you want to keep the relationship formal)

(After an introduction)
Nice to meet you, Mr.Chen.
Oh, please call me "Nancy."

2. Do not use titles with first names, and do not use last names alone without titles.

Hello, Mr. Tom (Wrong!)
Hi, Bob (Okay)

Good night, Lee (Wrong!)
Good night, Mrs. Lee (Correct)

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