Situations: Introducing Others

peaking Situations: Introducing Others

Conversation Practice

These types of introductions involve three people:

A: The introducer (who knows both B and C)

B: Introducee (knows A but not C)

C: Introducee (knows A but not B)


A: Have you two met each other?

B: No, we haven't.

A: Ben, this is Carol. Carol this is Ben.

(B and C smile and shake hands.)

B: Nice to meet you Carol.

C: Nice to meet you too, Ben.


After you have been introduced to someone,

it is polite to ask a few general questions* to get acquainted.

For example,

B: Where are you from, Carol?

C: I'm from Connecticut.

B: Connecticut, which part?

C: Hartford, the capital. How about you, Ben?

B: Nebraska--a place called Bellevue. It's near Omaha.

C: How do you know Alan (A)?

B: He is my friend from college.

Practice introducing your friends to each other.

Remember to smile (and use handshakes where appropriate).

*When meeting someone for the first time,

it is not appropriate to ask certain types of questions.

Do NOT ask:

A person's age

Birth date



Marital status

You may ask general questions about the situation.

How do you know Alan (the person who introduced us)?

Are you a student at this university?

Is this your first time here?

What do you do for a living?

How long have you been working for (company)?