Speaking Situations: Contractions

Speaking Situations: Contractions

Conversation Practice

Practice making contractions and using them in conversation.

1. Ask yes/no questions using "be" verbs.

Have your partner answer in a complete sentences, using contractions.


Is Jessica married?

No she isn't. She's single.

Are the clothes dry yet?

No, they aren't. They're still wet.

2. Ask questions in the present progressive tense.

Have your partner answer in complete sentences, using contractions.

For example,

Is Jonathan doing his homework?

No, he's outside. He's playing football.


Where's Cody?

He's riding his horse.

3. Talk about future plans. Use "be going to" with contractions.

For example,

What're you going to (gonna) do this weekend?

I'm going to (gonna) see a movie. How 'bout you?

We're going to (gonna) have a party.

Sounds like fun.