Situations: Asking for Repetition

Speaking Situations: Asking for Repetition

Excuse me? (said like a question)

Pardon me? (rising intonation)

What did you say (your name was)?

Did you say . . . ?

Can you repeat that?

Could you say that again please?

What was that again?

Sorry, I didn't catch that.

Could you speak up please?

Could you speak a little louder?

Conversation Practice

1. Pretend you are being introduced to someone at a party.

The music is very loud, and you can't hear your partner clearly.


What did you say your name was?

Cindy Carton.

Did you say Sidney or Cindy?

Cindy, like the famous model.

2. Pretend your partner is applying for a passport.

Ask him/her for personal information*

(name, birth date, address, telephone number, etc.)

Then practice asking for repetition.

For example,

What is your date of birth?

August 15, 1981.

Did you say August 16th?

No, August 15th.

*Since this is a "role play," you don't have to use actual (real) information.

You may "make up" dates, numbers, etc.

Textbook: English Knowhow, Book 1, Chapter 4