Speaking Situations: Asking for Favors

Speaking Situations: Asking For Favors

Conversation practice

Practice asking your classmates to do favors for you.

See the sample phrases below.

Getting someone's attention

Excuse me,

Pardon me,

Sorry to bother you, but . . .

Asking the favor (from least formal to most polite):

Can you open the door for me?

Will you hand me a pencil?

Would you turn on the air conditioner?

Could you help me with these boxes?

Would you please turn down the music?

Could you possibly give me a ride home?

Would you mind taking a picture for us?

Would you be so kind as to lend me your cell phone?


Thanks for your help

Thank you so much.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Sample conversation :

Excuse me, could you do me a favor?

Sure, what is it?

Could you help me move these chairs?

No problem. / I'd be glad to.

Thanks a lot.

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