Short Questions and Answers

Here are some examples of short questions and answers in English.
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Are you a doctor?

Yes, I am.
No, I'm a nurse.

Is he from Colombia?

Yes, he is
No, he isn't.
No, he's from Venezuela.

Is it time to go?

Yes, it is.
No, it isn't.
Not yet.

Is she married?

Yes, she is.
No, she isn't.
I don't know.

Are they here yet?

Yes, they are.
No, they aren't.

Do you live in Oklahoma?

Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
No, I live in Texas.

Does she drink coffee?

Yes, she does.
No, she doesn't.
No, she drinks tea.

Does it fly?

Yes, it does.
No, I don't think so.

Do you need some help?

Yes, I do.
No, I'm fine.

Can I have this?

Yes, you can.
No, you can't.

Should we go?

No, not yet.

Could you help me?

No, sorry.

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