Shopping sentence

Shopping sentence

1. What can I show you?

2. I'd like to see a nike shoes.

3. I want to buy a new car.

4. May I see that mebile phone?

5. Would you show me that red shoes?

6. I'm trying to find some light-coloured shirts.

7. I need some water.

8. Please give me a copy paper.

9. How much is this watch?

10. How much does that come to altogether?

11. How much are the apple a kilo?

12. The price is too high for me.

13.Have you got anything cheaper?

14.They look very good and the price is reasonable.

15.This is a new style and of fine quality.I can reeommend it to you?

16.May I try this blue dress?

17.It fit you admirably.It just your size.

18.It's a bit too long.i want a shorter one.

19.It's rather showy.I'd like something plainer.

20.Sorry.this product unavailable.

21.I can do the size.but i need a red colour.

22.Please leave your cellphone number.I'll call you when we have more in.

23.This store is always my favourite place for shopping?

24.Shall we go to the supermarket nearly?

25. Can you give any discount?

26. Ok,I'll give you 20 percent discount.