shopping online

shopping online

A:hi peter, long time no see, how's everything?

B:hi tim, i am ok, and i hope you well. wow, you buy a new watch ?

A: yes. i bought it online , i really enjoy shopping online.

B: oh, i see. this watch must expensive, right ?

A: no, it cost $200, the price is so so , but the quality is great.

B: really, i couldn't believe it, that's too cheap.

A: yes, i bought it from, do you hear it ?

B: oh, i heard it before , is the largest shopping website in asia.

A: yes. everything on tmall is cheap. my father visited this website everyday. he always like chinese products.

B: ok, i will try it at night, but i often buy from ebay.

A: i like ebay too. shopping online is really cool.