buy iphone 5

buy iphone 5

A: hi lee, what are you looking for ?

B: i want to buy a mobilephone. can you give me some information ?

A: yes, i am a digital fan, i suggest you buy iphone 5. it's really cool

B: how much does it cost ?

A: just $200, if you want to save more data, you can choose 64G, it sale $500.

B: i see. i will buy 16G iphone 5. $200 for me is not expensive.

A: yes. iphone 5 is really cool, you can use it do a lot of things, such as write an artice, sent email, take a photo, record video, play games and more interesting thing.

B: wow, sounds great. where can i buy it ?

A: go to apple website, you can order online, fill in your home address ,choose 16G, and pay online, you can use paypal.

B: that's great. i will order it, thanks.