buy ipad online

buy ipad online

A: hi lee, i want to buy new notebook, but i don't konw which one is better, acer or lenovo ?

B: why not buy ipad ?

A: ipad ? what's this?

B: ipad is great moveable computer, product of apple company.

A:how much does it cost ?

B: about $500, you can accept it.

A: ok, i will think about it, now i search online.

B: good idea. ipad can do many things, such as watching movies, listening mp3, read e-books, take photos, and more. you can take it to everywhere.

A: sounds really cool.

B: yes. more and more people choose ipad instead notebook.

B: wow, sounds great. where can i buy it ?

A: go to apple website, you can order online, fill in your home address ,choose which kind of ipad you want to buy, and pay online, you can use paypal pay it online.

B: that's great. i will order it, thanks.