at the jeweller

at the jeweller

A:Welcome out store, madam ,What can i do for you?

B:Yes. I want to buy some presents for my mother, she is 50 years old.

A:How about health food , or jewellery? Today is Mother's Day and all the jewellery is on sale with 40% discount.

B:That's great. i would like to a gold necklaecs.

A:Yes.we have 14K and 18K gold necklaces. please see this one.

B:May I have a try?

A:Sure. Here is nice gold necklace. Its regular price is$299, today buy it save 40%. it's a good deal.

B:perfect. I'll take it.

A:Okay. Is there anything else you want to buy ? how about bracelet ?

B:No thanks.and i want to buy a ring for my husband?

A:Yes. Here you are.

B:It's very nice. may i pay by credit card ?

A: Yes.

B: ok, i pay it now.

A: all right.