Role Play Topics

The following Role Play Topics are just a small sample from the game, Roll Play, by Dymon Publications.

A: Invite B to go somewhere this weekend.

B: Politely refuse A's invitation.

A: Call and tell your boss (B) you can't come to work because of illness.

B: You think A is bluffing (not really sick).

A: Ask B to teach you to play tennis.

B: You hate coaching for free.

A: Try to get B to divulge a secret about someone else.

B: Don't be persuaded to do it.

A: Ask B to give you a ride home.

B: A's house is out of the way, and your time is limited.

A: Call and tell B you can't come to the party on Friday.

B: Try to get A to come to the party. (It's a surprise party for him/her.)

A: Try to get B to smoke marijuana.

B: You don't want to use any illegal drug.

A: Call to order a pizza.

B: Wrong number. You sell pitas, not pizzas.

A: Present B with an unsolicited gift.

B: You do not feel comfortable accepting the gift.

A: Try to get B to go on a date with your niece/nephew.

B: You can't stand A's niece/nephew.

A: You ran over B's favorite pet with your truck. Apologize to him/her.

B: You are very upset with the news. The pet is irreplaceable.

A: You lost your wedding ring. Tell your spouse (B).

B: Get angry with A for losing the ring.