Role Play

Role Play

Role Play is one of the best ways to simulate conversation and can be an excellent
teaching tool if done properly. It is often helpful to teach beforehand phrases and
vocabulary to be used in the context of the role play. Sometimes both roles (A and
B) can be given; otherwise the role play can be open-ended with only Part A being
used as a stimulus.


Beginning Levels

Thank your partner for a gift he/she gave you on your birthday.

It's getting hot and stuffy. Ask your partner to open the window.

Invite your partner to go golfing this weekend.

Intermediate Levels

A: Invite your partner to go dancing on Friday.
B: You do not like to dance. Politely refuse the invitation.

A: You bought some milk at B's grocery store. The milk is sour. Return it.
B: Offer to exchange the milk or compensate A in some way.

A: Your friend (B) borrowed your power saw and still hasn't returned it. Talk to
B: Make up an excuse and promise to return the saw at a later date.

Advanced Levels

Negotiate with a your partner (a salesperson) on a ?big ticket? item such as a
refrigerator, computer or large piece of furniture. Discuss things such as warranty,
discount, return policy, etc.


For excellent topics, check out the book, Touchy Situations or the game, Roll Play.