Introducing Yourself In English

Introducing Yourself

Here are some phrases for introducing yourself in English.

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1. My name is Lucy.From Hong Kong.I was born in 1988.

    I'm Tony.I am a Japanese    (Use first name in informal situations)

2. I'm Edward.My hometown is Beijing.

    I'm Nancy Lee.I am 24 years old.    (Use full name in business and formal situations)

3. (It's) nice to meet you.

    (It's) nice meeting you.     (It's) good to meet you.

4. Nice to meet you too.

5.Can you tell me about your family?

6.Great to see you.

7.My name is Tom,I am so excite to meet you.

8.Hello there, my english name is Dom Phang, you can call me Dom,I am so happy meet all of you.

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