Identifying People, Things

greeting people in English

This page provide simple phrases of greeting people in English,learn how to greeting others.

1. This is David.

    That is Mis Chen.

2. David is a lawer.

    Mis Chen is a teacher.

    Alan is an engineer.

    He is a doctor.

    She is a secretary.

    He's a writer.

    She's a customer server.

3. I am a chinese teacher.

    I'm a saleman.

    I'm a businesswoman.

I'm not a mechanic.

4. We are writers.

    They are engineers.

    You are a student.

    You are students.

5. This is an apple.

    This is a banana.

    That is an orange.

    That is not a tomato.

    It is a cellphone.

    It's a snake.

    It's not a car.

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