English KnowHow, Book 1

English KnowHow, Book 1




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A. Blackwell, T. Naber

Oxford University Press









Know how now! This integrated skills series gives students the lessons they need to put their English skills to instant use! Providing balanced coverage of the four language skills, it gives students the opportunity to move seamlessly from a beginning to a challenging intermediate level, while offering support and encouragement at every stage. Designed with plenty of twists and turns to appeal to adult and young adult learners, the 16 units in each book feature thorough grammar presentations, frequent speaking and listening opportunities, carefully sequenced reading and writing tasks, "KnowHow" and "Help Desk" sections for troubleshooting the trickiest language points, and review pages dedicated to recycling previously covered material.

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Workbooks :

Offer complementary Reading and Writing sections to support student book material and "Check What You Know" tests for students to track their practice.

Teacher's Guides:

Feature step-by-step notes and answer keys for the student book units, optional activities, and useful background information. Spiral-bound.

Web Materials (downloadable):

Online tests, communication activities, and a completely searchable guide to the new vocabulary at each level.

Audio Program :

Provides recordings of all conversations, dialogues, and tasks in the student books, along with listening sections for the downloadable tests.

Opener Level


The alphabet, numbers to 100, prepositions of place, family relationships, colors, clothes, everyday activities, food, months and seasons, weather, parts of the body, ailments, life events, ordinal numbers.


Introductions, polite expressions, starting a conversation, asking and answering questions, telephone language, giving advice, invitations.


the verb "be," imperatives, simple present, countable/uncountable nouns, conjunctions, adjectives, simple past, future.

Level 1

Vocabulary :

social expressions, transporation, feelings, time, supermarkets, describing events, jobs and responsibilities, personality characteristics, technology, sports.

Functions :

asking for travel information, apologizing, ordering food, narrating, giving opinions, asking for advice, expressing probability, taking messages, giving instructions.

Grammar :

simple present, adverbs, there is/are, present continuous, simple past, how much/many, comparative adjectives, have/has, would like to, present perfect.

Level 2

Vocabulary :

work and leisure, the senses, movies and television, how things work, interesting people, using money, food preparation, beliefs, animal worlds, office life.

Functions :

making conversation, asking for and giving opinions, trying to remember, meeting and introducing people, transactions, explaining and giving reasons, saying what you do/don't believe, directions.

Grammar :

Review of auxiliary verbs, more uses of the present continuous, present perfect simple, past continuous, relative clauses, present perfect simple vs. simple past, tag questions, passive, first conditional, modals of possibility.

Level 3

Vocabulary :

expressions with "have," coincidences and connections, jobs and work experience, natural phenomena, heroes and fame, landmarks, services and advertising, unsolved mysteries, misunderstandings and manners, health and laughter.

Functions :

conversation strategies (i.e., changing the subject), persuading, confirming information, saying you're not sure, giving advice and warnings, expressing liklihood, expressing likes/dislikes, expressing irritation, clarifying misunderstandings, expressing gratitude, giving information about health.

Grammar :

review of present and past forms, present perfect continuous and present perfect simple, past perfect, passive, first and second conditionals, modals, reported speech, third conditional, connectors.