how to buy a car in usa

how to buy a car in usa

Lee: What kind of car is best for me?

seller: For you, I would recommend this one here.

Lee: The compact? Why do you think that one is better than the others?

seller: This auclerkobile is just right for your needs because not only is it compact for ease in city driving, but also, it has many safety features. I know that as a parent, you are concerned about safety in driving your kids to and from school.

Lee: That's true. What kind of safety features are we talking about? 

seller: This model features anti-lock brakes, airbags on both driver and passenger sides, and impact collision design. But that's not all. This car isn't only safe but it's also very economical. 

Lee: You mean it has a cheaper price than similar models? 

seller: Yes, this price is very affordable, but driving this car you'll also notice a significant annual saving in gas consumption. The main attraction for this model is the fuel economy. 

Lee: With the cost of gasoline these days, that is a big plus. I think this model marry be just what I'm looking for.

seller: Why don't you take it for a test drive, and think it over.