buy a old car

buy a old car

A: What kind of car do you have? 

B: An old one.

 A: What is the name of it? 

B: It's a Chevrolet. Why do you ask? You going into the car business?

A:No. My cousin is going to take a job overseas but he can't take his car with him, so he's going to sell it - cheap. It's practically new.

B: WelL I have been thinking about getting a newer car. I can't afford a brand new one.

A: Would you like to look at my cousin's car?

B: Is it a four-door or a two-door?

A: It's a coupe with a vinyl roof.

B: Does it have auclerkatic transmission?.

A: Yes, and it also has power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning.

B: I guess I might take a look at it. How much is he asking?

A:I don't know for sure, but he'll make you a good deal.

B: Okay. Set it up for me to see it, if you can.