english conversation at school

at school

Anne joins Peggy,who seems to be in a daze.

Anne: You seem really angry. What's the matter?

Peggy: Just leave me alone, alright?

Anne: Relax! What's the matter with you, anyway?

Peggy: Sorry. It's just that I think I failed the final examination and now my parents are going to get all upset. I, uh,couldn't think of any of the answers!

Anne: Well, now you're really going to be mad when I tell you who got 100% on it". I forgot her name... the one who always flatters the teacher.

Peggy: Jennifer Davies? You're kidding! I don't like her! She's such a moron! How could she possibly get 100% on it when she's absent from class all the time?

Anne: She's the teacher's favorite student, that's why. Besides, he's so casual he permits her to do it. There's just something about her I don't like. And you know what? I think she really likes him, too.

Peggy: You've got to be joking!