Asking for Directions

Here are some phrases and expressions for asking directions in English.
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Where is (the) . . . ? (This is also used in asking about location.)

How do you get to (the) . . . (from here)?

How do I get to (the) . . . ?

Can you tell me how to get to (the) . . . ?

Can you give me directions to (the) . . . ?

What's the best way to get to (the) . . . ?

1. Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here?

Yeah. There's one right across the street.

2. Can you tell me how to get to Phoenix?

Sorry. I don't live around here.

3. Where's Tanner's Leather Shop?

It's on the corner of Holly and Vine. Next to the library.

4. How do you get to the bank?

Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street. Stay on Maple for half a block. It's on the left hand side.

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