How to Find a Job in a Week Flat

Title : How to Find a New Job in a Week Flat

Author : Brian Troutwein

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You need a job. Keep these three tips in mind and you'll likely get hired for a satisfying job within only one week. If you're sick of living off unemployment insurance benefits, read this short article.

It's true. If you were to even move out of state today, these tips will score you a job almost instantly. Put an end to frustration once and for all. Finding a job can be simple actually.

#1. Use Your Network

The best shot you have at finding a job in the least amount of time is by using your network. It's not just about who you know, it's also about who they know. When you inform your friends, family members, and acquaintances that you're looking for work in your field, tell them to spread the word. You'll be amazed at how fast the news of you wanting a new career travels throughout your city, even among a network outside of you own that you have never met.

Not only does this save time in the job search, you won't have to convince a company as much about your character. No need to sell yourself to a potential boss because you're already sold. Companies love to hire based on testimonials of people they already trust.

#2. Target Companies Who Hire Like the Military

This is a lightning-quick way to find a job. Distribution centers, factories, and other large-scale operations hire like the military. They normally have high wages and the best financial and health insurance benefits. While you can get a production, maintenance, or transportation job with little or no education background, there are several positions in fields like HR, IT, and Management. Don't forget about receptionist and security guard positions.

While networking find out whether your city (or within working distance) has for example, a plastics plant, rock mine, automobile factory, retail distribution center, the list goes on...

Then to save time, call and ask how to apply. Large scale operations such as these are looking for new workers on a daily basis. Follow up in a few days to schedule your first interview and drug screening.

#3. Put Your Resume On Your Local Jobs Website

You already have a resume typed up. Now submit it to circulate quickly among local businesses and companies. Just about every city has a local jobs website these days. You can find out about it in the classifieds section of your local paper. All you have to do is copy and paste or upload your resume to the website for interested parties to find in searches.

It's absolutely critical to title your resume with words that involve your area of expertise. Even if you're a general laborer, put something like "labor and production" in your title. Your resume will get into the right hands with hardly any work on your behalf.

Consider this as well. If your name is circulating throughout your network and beyond, chances are an employer is going to log onto the local jobs website and search for your resume based on your name. Again, it would be wise not to waste much time searching on your local jobs site, but rather allowing employers to find you, a method in which (in a way) preserves your values.


No more stress, worries, frustration, or unemployment insurance benefits. Network, target large scale companies who hire like the military, and put your resume on your local jobs website. Do this and you'll be on your way to efficiently finding a fulfilling job within a week.

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