Zack's dating

Zack's dating

Zack: Hi, Grant. See you later.
Grant: Where are you going?
Zack: I'm going to ride my bike.
Grant:Now? It's 4:00. Don”t you have a date tonight with Tess’ friend? What's her name? I forgot.
Zack: Her name is Petra. And yes, we have a date. She's meeting me here at 6:00. Then we'll go out.
Grant: Well, OK. Have fun.
Zack: Thanks. (leaves)

Grant: Zack, where have you been? It's 5:45. Your date will be here in 15 minutes.
Zack: I know. I lost track of time. I ran into Eve at the park.
Grant: Eve, huh? Why was she at the park?
Zack: She wanted to try Rollerblading.
Grant: And you had to help her.
Zack: Well, yes.
Grant: Hurry and get ready for your date.
Zack: OK!