Credit Card Bill

Credit Card Bill

A: Hello,it's ABC bank credit card service ? I'm calling today because I never received any bill.

B: Could you tell me the card infomation ? which credit card it was for?

A: It was for my VISA Card.

B: You should've gotten that bill two weeks ago.

A: I haven't got it in the mail yet.

B: The computer is showing that all bills have been mailed a week ago.

A: What am I supposed to do about my bill then?

B: Could you call your post office, i suggest you call post office to check it.

A: But if it's their mistake, can I get an extension on my bill payment?

B: Yes, but you will need to send us proof of their mistake.

A: Thank you very much for your help.

B: You are welcome, thanks for your call.