order ticket

order ticket

Good morning. China International Airlines. What can I do for you?

Yes, I'd like to make a reservation to Boston next week.

When do you want to fly?

Monday, September 12.

We have Flight 802 on Monday. Just a moment please. Let me check whether there re seats available. I'm sorry we are all booked up for Flight 802 on that day.

B:Then, any alternatives?

A:The next available flight leaves at 9:30 Tuesday morning September 13. Shall I book you a seat?

B:It is a direct flight, isn't it?

Yes it is. You want to go first class or coach?

I prefer first class, what's the fare?

One way is $176.

Ok I will take the 9:30 flight on Tuesday.

A seat on Flight 807 to Boston 9:30 Tuesday morning. Is it all right. Sir? Right . can you also put me on the waiting list for the 12th?

Certainly. May I have your name and telephone number?

My name is Matthew Anderson. You can reach me at 52378651.

I will notify you if there is cancellation.

Thank you very much.

My pleasure.