A: Hello. David Smith speaking.

B: Good morning, Mr Smith. This is Wang Mei, Mr Brown's secretary of Star Point Corporation.

A: Oh,it's so long a time since I last met you and Mr Brown. How are you?

B: Very well. Thank you. Mr Smith. I'm calling to invite you to join us in the ribbon cutting ceremony, the celebrating of the opening of technology research center, Star Point.

A:I 11 be delighted to attend the ceremony. Would you let me know the time and the place?

B:It is 10 on Friday February 19 at No. 7 Qinghai Street.

A: OK. Thanks so much for your kind invitation. Please extend my best wishes to Mr Smith.

B:All right. I'11 pick you up at your office at 9:30.

A:Thank you. But it's unnecessary. I can drive straight to the research center.

B:That, s fine. Mr Brown will be expecting you at the new research center, No.7 Qinghai Street, at 10 on Friday. Goodbye, Mr Smith.