Don't Fear Losing Your Job

Don't Fear Losing Your Job

By A.J.Hoge AJ is a famous english teacher.He created effortless english.he can teach you speak excellent english in six let's read his story.

You will remember that I finally had confidence and respect at work.  
I had a good job.  I liked it.  Life was good. 
I was comfortable. 
But a comfortable job was not my dream. 
I dreamed of travel and adventure.  You'll remember that I bought a ticket to India. 
Well, there was a problem.  I wanted to travel for 2 MONTHS.  
My job only gave me 2 weeks of vacation. 
I had a tough choice:  
stay at my comfortable job and cancel the trip, or...
quit my job, go on the trip, and then be unemployed. 
I hated thinking about resumes (CVs), interviews and applications.  My heart beat faster.  Immediately I felt stress.  
UNEMPLOYMENT-- it was very scary.  
I had to decide.  I bit my fingernails.  I pulled my hair.  I could not sleep.  I barely ate.
Finally I decided-- I chose my dream.  I went to India.  It was an amazing trip!  It changed my life. 
But unemployment waited for me at home.  
I returned home with no job and no money.  I had bills to pay.  I still had a lot of debt.  
I needed a job immediately.  I had to master job searching.  No choice and no more fear!
I bought every job search book I could find.  I took massive action.  I tried everything. 
I applied for hundreds of jobs I didn't want.   I did this just to practice.  
I tried different methods.  I tried different strategies. 
First I followed the job search "rules".  Then I broke the rules.  All of them. 
Eventually I discovered my own "Effortless" job search method.  No more applications.  No more standard letters or resumes (CVs).   
I used my business attitude.  I job searched like a marketer.  
It worked amazingly!  
In fact, this "Effortless" job search system NEVER failed me.  Never.  (We teach it in detail in our Business English Conversations course).
I got a great new job.  
More importantly, I had no more fear.  I knew I could get a new job anytime.  My new system gave me total confidence.  
No more stress.  No more worry about losing a job.  
From this time, I traveled when I wanted.  
I easily got new jobs, with no stress....  Life was great!
.... And then.....  disaster!